Saturday, July 18, 2009

The exhibition

Gottberg–Kåhre Project: A Dialogue
A part of the Helsinki Festival programme
Susanne Gottberg & Markus Kåhre
Amos Anderson Museum

"Gottberg–Kåhre Project
Susanne Gottberg and Markus Kåhre, two greatly acclaimed Finnish artists with highly differing styles of expression, recently hit upon a new dynamic of collaboration and after two years in the studio, are now ready for their exhibition at the Amos Anderson Art Museum.

Building on active dialogue and a continual exchange of ideas on art, reality and the act of seeing, their piece is at once more spatial than an installation, more illusory than a painting and more alive than a film. Things are no longer what they seem, the impossible is now a possibility."

Mon, Thurs, Fri 10–18, Tues closed, Wed 10–20, Sat & Sun 11–17
Entrance fees
Adults 8 €
Seniors 6 €
Students 4 € (All Media Lab Helsinki students: free entry during this exhibition)

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